Thursday, May 13, 2010

Joe Bruton

It is rare that I meet people other people from west Texas in Alabama.  Joe Bruton is a fellow west Texan relocated to Birmingham, Al and he is of rare character.  He might be a distant relative.  We are both shaped like horse riding is in our lineage: lanky and bowlegged.  Perhaps this explains the fascination with the two wheeled motor-cart.  Joe is set apart from the crowd though because he's an expert and he cares; it shows in his work.   His life's work is motorcycle restoration (with some racing and museum work webbed into his extended past).

We clicked over the subject of adventure.  Not only does this man know his way around the gas combustion engine, but he has stories to tell about two wheeled flights from Austin to San Diego, as well as many other places on the map.  He also tells racing stories.  He understands that special kind of TLC that unusual bikes need to go both far and fast.  In addition, he is excited to share stories and expertise with the curious.  Well, Joe, your advice has been put well to work in the flyin'shoes basement.  And you will be proud to know that even though I don't use many original parts on my rig, they are all stored safely away for that day when somebody wants them.  Thanks for sharing the love!
And thanks for the last photo Taichi!  You're an artist.

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