Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Here is another picture of Joe that I love.  Taken in May of 2008, Joe was already a highway companion of mine.  My unofficial bachelor party trip, we were following up an offer by Dale Walksler at Wheels Through Time museum.  I asked him about the history of this JD that was lightened to one cylinder. It was my favorite bike in the museum.  He told me I needed to ride it and to let him know next time we were coming up to North Carolina so he could get it down off the display.  We returned two months later in May.
  A bit nervous about riding a museum piece, after a couple of spins, I thankfully returned the bike, at which point Mr. Walksler said, "No, get the gas from Matt and ride that thing until you are sick of it."   So I rode it until I broke it. This would also be the last time we would go the the museum without camping there.  That place is heaven.  Thanks Dale.  Thanks Matt, John, Neely and the whole family at WTT. By the way, 3 days ago Dale just finished his own cross country trek on a 1915HD. He ranked 11 out of 45 (37 cycles made it the whole way) entries to the pre 1916 CannonBall run.  You are my hero. If you want to read more go click HERE or here.
 and thanks JT for the last two photos.


  1. Lets make a run up there the day you get back.

  2. man what a great trip that was i think that is when i got so sun burnt you could have fried an egg on my arm. . also was our first time to camp right outside of Highlands i think. . man miss these days when it was just about riding with pals and getting lost in the woods or on the road no true reason or time frame just good times, it was never about which rally to go be seen at, or doing trips to say you did it, the rides were just for the good times and the memories that you keep from these times. Miss having you in the Ham with us Little B.

  3. Yeah i probably just interpreted Joes comment completely wrong, but damn. We ride motorcycles. Period. Whether it be to a church group camp baptism, or across all elements of this country and conveniently end up at an amazing motorcycle show, or blast up our favorite roads in NC to help out a fellow moto enthiusiast who has unfortunately been diagnosed with MS, we still ride motorcycles. Prove me wrong. I will drop what I'm doing any time of my life to get on the road with my best of friends no matter the destination. Wanna go put some miles on your bike? Hit us up sometime.