Monday, March 28, 2011

Canada gave us

  • Neil Young
  • most of the Band
  • Leonard Cohen
  • the Guess Who
  • This self portrait of Craig Pettman
This Canadian once gave me a place to stay when I rode to British Columbia.  One night during my stay I woke up walking down the street in Downtown Vancouver.  Sometimes I sleepwalk.  Some guy that looked like he has been imported from the early nineties Seattle, but with a fully Canadian personality (which seems to involve throwing caution to the wind while simultaneously being tremendously generous, unless they are a border crossing officer) shared his moonshine and grape gatorade with me.  According to him the public transit was free in Vancouver. Or at least I never once saw him pay for it,  but enough about his friends, Craig "Buckshot" Pettman makes  ART.  
Something to look at here:

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  1. you left out the part about awaking from the sleepwalk mid-shit in a church parking lot with whiskey soaked pants