Wednesday, June 1, 2011

BMR. I missed it.

I didn't go to Big Mountain Run this year because I am in Japan.  But Warren Jr.  took this picture of his bike on the strip.  To me it is heartbreaking both for its artistic merit and the memories that advance from the East Tennessee forest.  If history repeated itself, this bike entered this green riverside thicket,  fishtailed and wheelied around a gravel drive until Warren wrecked it (more than once) possibly into someones camp.   Some memories.


  1. Yeah me and Warren definitely wrecked his Knucklehead this year. My back is still bruised.

  2. Man i know how you feel i missed it too but not because I am in Japan unfortunately, but because I had to be a big boy and stay in town and work how lame is that. Oh well always next year.