Monday, April 30, 2012

April 28 Dixie Roundup Day

Kyle and Tyler from Lowbrow are the nicest guys you will ever meet.

This is not exactly a comprehensive account, but this is, in short, the day through my narrow window.  Wake up at 5:30 and go to the University of Alabama at Birmingham to take a standardized test with the intention of expanding my teaching certification....don't know if it worked.  Go home.  Get the Honda, ride it to the dojo where Justin Moon and I add a break cable to the 69er trumpet whose rear drum is operated by a right hand lever because thats the way it was when it was raced and it broke on me on the last trip... sketch.  Mean while, he pesters me with questions about changing a cable and I fix the carbs which have rattled a main jet loose, also on the last trip out of town!  All of this so he can ride the Triumph until it breaks around 6:30 and he has to coast it back down a mountain to where our friend Ryan will put it in his minivan.  Oh, but back to when we were working at the Dojo.

The triumph is running and we are preparing to leave when a rumble containing the shaky rattle of engaged open clutches coasts to a stop at the corner of 29th and 4th Ave.  I wave, thinking this group of vagabonds may be looking for a local garage and all ten or so of them turn the wrong way down a one way street and head towards me and the gate of the Dojo.  Only skilled riding spared the representatives of Lowbrow and Biltwell Inc., Walt and friends on they way to the gate.  They have ridden from all corners of the states to Birmingham for the local event, the Dixie Roundup.   We combined groups for the ride to the country.  Their bikes were amazing, but I didn't take a great deal of riding photos because I didn't want to scare my new riding companions with my kook riding antics.

Good times where had though I was negligent in taking photos at the event.  I will post a link as soon as i find someone who did.  Here it is: JT

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