Monday, September 10, 2012

Desert Doctor

June 27, 2012. There will be a time in eventuality when I will set this whole adventure to print.  Maybe even actual print on paper.  For now however, I will share the story, in photos, of the Desert Doctor.  A man who has gone by many aliases throughout his long career as a chopper witch doctor, the surgeon has built and seen choppers through the brutal, cracked streets of the windy city in the 1970s to their dry-air chopper graves in his back yard on the high desert of Utah. This was the Doctor.  It was at his invite that we came to drink his beers,  stand on his garage roof, stare at 40 year old cracked bondo, and listen to a few of his wild yarns.  Worth every second, we stayed until the sun crept behind the buttes of the Kodachrome basin to the west.  

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