Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Like many Airports in Japan, the Nagoya Airport is a massive man made peninsula made mostly of pavement.  This is because the vast majority of the island is mountainous and difficult to land a 747 on. What isn't mountainous is occupied by people or edible crops.  At any rate a megastructure in the ocean is a perfect place to park an ocean of old custom cars.  This was the Cali Flavor car show.
Thanks to A.G., Yuka, Yang and Hanayo for getting us (my wife and I) there.  Thanks to the Vise Crew for the Nagoya food and beer the night before and the company the day of.


  1. they got some dirty ol donks in japan

  2. Man I love a VW van all lowered .. then Make it a Split Window WIN... looks like very good times.