Monday, April 15, 2013

Kasaoka to Kurashiki

Camp Japan.
Ride your bicycle to a train station.
Put it in a bag and get on a train.
Ride the train for one hour.  
Get off.  Put the wheels back on your bike. 
Ride south until the road runs out.  Then walk.
Find this place.  
Unpack your sleeping roll.
Start a small beach fire to warm your feet.
Drink a bottle of wine. Watch the sea change colors.
Wake up at dawn and repeat the fire and sea change routine.
Then walk a few miles of rock and beach and back up a mountain to your bicycle.  
Ride the coast line home.  


  1. That looks awesome, but it is not very biker of you. I will try to keep the secret hid.

  2. WOW! it is amazing how enchanting the country side is there i would be out there ever chance i had for sure.

  3. Rad photos, Brandon.