Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Red Dirt Boogie Brother is Ready

Just built this.

Will ride from Alabama to ....

Take this stuff. 

Theme song.  
Hope I make it.  Wish me luck.  I don't have an Iphone or instagram or anything of that nature so see you in two weeks.

Ramble Tamble 2012.  
Josh Kurpius is talented.  His bikes rule and his photographs are astounding.  Check em.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Round the World Doug

This is Round the World Doug Wothke.  To me, he is one of those people who keep the whole thing going just by being himself.  He has ridden around the planet more than once on different rigs, including a 48 Indian and a 62 panhead chopper.  I am always glad to see him at a swap meet because he aways seems to have a part I need or want, like the sky high swing arm sissy bar on my CB.   He doesn't charge ebay prices for parts, not even on ebay.  He keeps it going for people who have more passion than purse to work with.  He's no american iron snob either, even though he is somewhat of an expert.  His first cross country sled was a CB500 long bike.  It is now leaned up against the outside of his garage/barn in north Alabama, to make room for the rest of his large and unique collection which fills up his workshop and another storage building.  This year he will race his Indian across country in the Cannonball Run.  Keep track of it here:
He also partly runs a Moto-camp in Bulgaria which you can check out here:

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