Thursday, June 13, 2013

CRIB Motorcycle Yokohama

I have been fortunate to spend a decent amount of time with and see a great deal of work come out of Akira the one man show at Crib motorcycle in Yokohama.  Akira is on the daily rider, affordable side of the choppersphere.  He will race and/or chopperize, if you will,  almost any make or model.  Before he set out on his own he worked for Bratstyle.  I guess he got a lot of practice there because he can do anything imaginable with metal, but does it with such subtlety you look at his handiwork and think, "I could do that." But most of us can't.  That's why Akira is Akira and we are us.  None the less I feel at home around him just because of the piles of junk I see laying around his shop.  He can make anything you can dream up (see some of the things he had done on the many incarnations of Gen's Ironhead) and he works on anything that comes his way but usually he is working Evo sporties, Ironheads, Honda's, Yamaha's, and Cone Shovelheads, the same kind of machines my friends can afford to ride, which gives him a special place in my heart.   

See pics of Akira's work as well as Gen's at the Mooneyes 2012 Post:

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